Body Armor Items in USA

A body armor is a clothing worn for protection from attacks made by handguns and rifles. These are used by policemen, security forces, bodyguards and people with similar professions for whom there is a high tendency to be attacked.

Armor has been used for thousands of years in the history of human civilization to protect oneself from danger. It was used by people from different countries, especially during wars. With the modern technology, armor finds a new dimension.

The modern day body armor designed according to the needs of the security personnel, body-guards and the military so that they can protect themselves as well as camouflage the armors.

A body armor must meet the following criteria:

  • It should be fully aware of the responsibilities, threats and risks of the people who are going to wear it.
  • It should form an agreement with the state to gain the authority to supply armors individually to the security personnel.
  • It should be in accordance with the body armor law.

US Body Armor Law:

The purchase of body armor in USA should abide by the US body armor law. According to it, body armors can be sold to anyone in a face-to-face meeting or through shipping (except to Connecticut). However, while buying, it is the responsibility of the buyer and not the seller to make sure that he is capable of buying it legally.

A perfect body armor in USA should meet the following criteria:

  • Thin: The armor must be thin so that it does not look odd inside the shirt.
  • Breathable: The armor must be breathable enough to allow air to circulate within the
  • Light-weight: The armor must be light in weight so that one can carry himself easily and does not feel uncomfortable.
  • Concealable: The armor should not be visible from outside. It should be properly hidden within the shirt just like a vest.
  • Reasonably Priced: Not only political leaders and higher officials, but anyone with a life risk might need an armor. It should be reasonably priced so that it can be easily affordable by any one.
  • Easily Adjustable: During moments of stress, the lungs should pump more air. Tight garments should not, in any way, harm the functioning of the lungs. They should be flexible and easily adjustable.
  • Perfect shape: The armor should be designed in such a way that it can protect the areas which are prone to maximum danger.

The body armors in are exclusively designed for those people who risk their lives every day and are in need of some protective material. There is one type of armor which is stab-resistant armor which protects people from stabbing as the bullet-resistant protect against bullets . The main purpose is to prevent the arteries since the arteries, if pierced, would cause severe bleeding. The fatality due to a wound is decreased by fourteen times if the armor is worn. So, a body armor in US is an indispensable item in people prone to attacks and wounds.

If someone suffers cut through any of the above arteries, there might be excessive bleeding and subsequent death. So, an armor must be designed in such a way that these three areas are protected from cuts.

An armor is either built of para-aramids (plastics woven into fibers, in which the weight to strength ratio is very low) or Ultra-High Molecular Weight Poly ethylene (UHMWPE).  These fibers are strong yet flexible. Hence, they have the ability to absorb a lot of energy. There are many layers in a bullet-proof jacket and as the bullet travels through these layers, the energy keeps on getting dispersed. The motion of the bullet is resisted and it is trapped within the layers of the jacket. The same principle is used in case of body armor as well. However, for ammunition with greater caliber, it fails to resist them. So, in that case, “hard armors” made of titanium, ceramic or steel is used. These armors are much thicker and stronger and hence more expensive.

Covert Armors: These type of armors are really thin and light in color and can be worn inside garments. They use moisture-wick technology so that the inside of the garment is kept cool and it feels comfortable.

Overt Armors: This type of armors is worn outside the garment and is often used as a uniform. Security and military personnel or defense officers wear this kind of vests. The colors are often chosen uniformly for all. For example, the armors worn by the military personnel of a particular country can be the national color of that country. Apart from protection, they also serve the purpose of camouflaging.

In order to select body armor in USA, people should first be clear about the reason for which they are buying it. Body Armors differ depending on the professions.

  • Police personnel and officers: Depending upon the areas of operation, the policemen need body armor. It should be strong and competent enough to protect them from the attacks of burglars.
  • Security Personnel: Irrespective of the place where they are hired as guards, the security personnel are prone to maximum danger. They are hired to prevent the institution or organization form attacks and hence must be ready to protect themselves from ferocious criminals. Also, security personnel often need to deal with drunk people who have easy access to glasses and bottles. So, the armors for the security personnel must be designed accordingly.
  • Military Personnel: Keeping in mind that they are involved in wars, their body armors should be the hardest and strongest of all since they need to be protective against rifle attacks apart from stabbing. Also, the armors should co-operate in case of camouflaging.

Body armors are real protectors in case of attacks or wars. They should be bought from the right place according to the purpose.