Ballistic Bulletproof Plates

Bulletproof armor plates are manufactured using a unique computerized molding and monitoring press (up to 5400 tons) , which allows producing extremely large size flat panels up to 129 cm width and 240 cm length, minimizing the necessity of armor overlapping, saving on installation time and labor cost, and reducing waste significantly.

  • We produces in-house an array varied composite materials that include Aramid fabrics, UD polyethylene fabrics (PE), PE + Aramid based fabrics and E Glass fabrics.
  • We use materials of our own production; our manufacturing process is based on Teijin’s Twaron threads (aramid) Honeywell’s spectra shield and DSM’s dyneema fabrics.
  • Our major advantage in that we weave our own aramid-based ballistic fabrics from thread level to the final finished product. At each level, from R&D up to the production level, the product’s ballistic properties are inspected at our onsite ballistic laboratory.
  • This quality procedure ensures maximum compliance to the requested ballistic level and trauma requirements.


  • Our Ballistic Resistant Panels are produced from multiple layers of fibers pressed with a proprietary resin system by the pultrusion process that produces a rigid panel with exceptional ballistic resistance. The unique composite matrix of the panels allow for retention of the projectile to avoid potentially hazardous ballistics threat. These panels offer performance advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity and light weight.
  • Utilized for indoor applications, panels can be easily incorporated into standard for Vehicle, Aircraft and Naval design to provide undetectable ballistic protection. Panels can be fielding fabricated utilizing simple installation methods and common carpentry tools. Surface finish is smooth in a white color. Panels can be primed and covered by Polyester or nylon material or other materials to match specific requirements.




  • An innovative ceramic plate made from the most advanced ballistic composite materials available in the field of hard armor protection. The plate has unusual tolerance and easily protects from all forms of light arms


  • AK-47, M-16 types, and M-80 (NATO)
  • NIJ level IV Stand Alone

Armoring Uses:

  •  Personal protective equipment
  •  Aircrafts
  •  Vehicles
  •  Ships


Composite Polyethylene plates made from unidirectional Polyethylene fabric (UHMW-PE) provide superior protection at the lowest possible weights. Our plates offer excellent multihit capability and are safe from secondary fragment impacts

General Features:

  • Lightweight 18-21 Kg/Sq. (NIJ III)
  • Excellent ballistic resistance
  • IAW NIJ-STD-0108.01 Threat Level III
  • Multiple hit capability
  • Robust structural strength
  • UV and Salt Water resistant
  • Naturally Buoyant

Armoring Uses:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Aircrafts
  • Vehicles
  • Ships
  • Buildings (walls)

Ballistic PLATES

  • Ballistic Plates are an excellent solution for  protecting buildings against Ballistic, Blast & Forced Entry threats.
  • The plates can be fitted into steel frames like normal dry wall panels, can be easily cut, drilled, sanded, painted, textured and are compatible with other wood or gypsum materials. Processing can be easily achieved using standard tools.


  •  Low cost
  •  Easy processing
  •  High strength
  •  Relatively low weight
  •  Non-flammable
  •  Resistant to heat
  •  Good chemical resistance
  •  Relatively insensitive to moisture
  •  Good electrical insulation


  • Military structures
  • Embassies
  • Police stations
  • Courtrooms
  • Critical control rooms
  • Safe rooms
  • Banks
  • Cash boxes
  • Jewelry Stores