Bulletproof Vest Info

bulletproof vest

Many companies production has been a vertical manufacturing structure, stemming from weaving and high pressure molding, to the final highest quality product.
Part of the Defense Industries International Inc. Group of companies.

Research and Development

The evolution of new high capacity weapons in concert with the present threats of roadside improvised explosive devices, rocket and mortar attacks, as well as suicide bombers, has created an urgent demand to maximize ballistic protection.
Our comprehensive research & development approach to these threats has resulted in the development of a number of innovative products with expanded protection measures.

Commitment to Customer satisfaction

Fully aware of its responsibility for its products, giving maximum protection and lives saving .
Commited, starting from product design, going all the way to the final product, giving its customers maximum protection, quality as well as best value.

Quality and Prominence

  • We have achieved a position of prominence in the manufacture and development of personal protective products.This position was accomplished , due to our expertise and dedication to quality.
  • In order to maintain our leadership position in the field of human protection, We have assembled a network of dedicated people and specialised processes uniquely capable of defining and delivering high quality state-of-art products.