Care and Maintenance


Clean as soon as possible after wearing. Most mild liquid detergents are satisfactory. Warm water only. Do not immerse the vest in water. Sponge all the surfaces of the vest. The worst areas may require light scrubbing (a soft bristle brush is recommended). Sponge off with clean water. Dry with a soft cloth (Chamois). Air dry (not in direct sunlight). When totally dry, store flat in carrier.


All body armour, regardless of style, should be stored flat, and not thrown in the back or boot of your car or left in the bottom of the wardrobe. Laying it flat when not in use helps to ensure there are no sets or wrinkles in the ballistic materials which may cause damage to the fibres. Tactical armour that has a hard plate in the front or rear should be stored with the plate/s removed. It should never be stored while it is damp from washing or perspiration as this can cause mould to grow. 


There are different materials used in covers and carriers for vests and the washing instructions should be followed. Some of the removable carriers, made from polycotton can be gentle machined washed or hand washed. Carriers made from 100% nylon or cordura should be hand sponged, using mild detergents and warm water. The cover of the ballistic package, usually made of waterproof nylon, should only be hand sponged using mild detergents and warm water. The ballistic package should never be immersed in water.


After being cleaned, the ballistic package should be laid flat to dry in a well ventilated, shady place. It should not be hung on the clothes line or laid out in the sunlight to dry, as UV rays will cause some types of ballistic packages to deteriorate.


Body armour should be visually inspected for damage or excessive wear, every time it is worn. Never wear body armour that is damaged in anyway. If damaged you should immediately contact us to discuss repair options.