Ceramic Armor Plates

Ceramic plates are made from the most innovative ballistic compound materials available to the manufacturers of ceramic armor products. 98% Alumina ceramic backed with “Kevlar Fabric”. CERAMIC PLATE LEVEL III Protection: Level III in accordance with NIJ Level: Standards In Conjunction with Level IIIA Vest or Stand Alone Material: Monolithic Ceramic Plate Finish: Textured Nylon/Cordura […]

Polyethylene Plates

Polyethylene Plates are produced from the most advanced ballistic polyethylene material available in the field of Hard Armor Protection NIJ Tested For Level III In Conjunction With Soft Armor Backing Material: 100% Polyethylene ‘’HDPE’’ Size: 10’’ x 12’’ (25×30 cm) Curvature: Single Curve Front/Back: Front & Back Finish: Plastic Cover / or Cordura fabric Protection Level: NIJ […]

Ballistic Bulletproof Plates

Bulletproof armor plates are manufactured using a unique computerized molding and monitoring press (up to 5400 tons) , which allows producing extremely large size flat panels up to 129 cm width and 240 cm length, minimizing the necessity of armor overlapping, saving on installation time and labor cost, and reducing waste significantly. We produces in-house […]

Level 4 IV Armor Plate

Large SAPI (Small Arms Protective Insert) to work “IN CONJUNCTION” with your 3A bulletproof vests and place carrier, and will upgrade it to PROTECTION LEVEL 4 to defeat multiple hits of: 7.62 mm NATO USM.BALL M80 150 grains projectile @ 2750 ft/sec. 5.56 mm NATO USM.BALL M855 62 grains projectile @ 3050 ft/sec. 5.56 mm […]