First Response light weight Stretcher

First Response light weight Stretcher and Trauma pack was developed in order to answer the urgent need during a military engagement for first response personnel and to enable medics to quickly and efficiently evacuate and give medical aid to the wounded.

Designed as a single compact unit, the folded-in-four stretcher and trauma pack are easily carried by the first response soldier on his back without restricting his movements or slowing him down during the engagement.

The trauma backpack is designed to carry the emergency equipment and medication required to give the wounded soldier first response treatment.

Foldable Evacuation Stretcher

This unique foldable evacuation stretcher has been chosen by the IDF (Israeli Army), as well as many other military and rescue organizations around the world, for its unique combination of extremely light weight, small size when folded, speed of unfolding (ready for use in just seconds), and durability.

The stretcher is produced from Special durable water repellant fabric.